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November 8th 2018 marked a turning point in the lives of some 100 women in the world who have been selected and celebrated as distinguished practitioners of ALTERNATE DISPUTE RESOLUTION MECHANISMS (ADR) based on the specificities in their skills and career path. Cameroon’s senior attorney and partner at the Onambele ANCHANG & ASSOCIATES office; one of Cameroon’s leading international law firm features amongst the distinguished ArbitralWomen celebrated.

A VIP Gala Night offered at Upper Story By Charlie Palmer, 979 Third Avenue, New NY 100022 by Arbitral Women and sponsors celebrating the 25th Anniversary of the organization witnessed the book launch of a book titled ” Women POINEER S IN DISPUTE RESOLUTION ῝ narrating the stories of women recognized for their outstanding and priceless performance amidst very challenging circumstances in their respective countries and in exercising their career.

This book tells the stories of women professionals who in their career path were able to make prominent strides in a male dominated discipline in law. The book introduces and discusses them as women working for change in society. The arbitral women example is shared to illustrate Women pioneer in dispute resolution joining forces to achieve gender equality. his book published through the auspices of the German cooperation DUTSHE ZUSAMMENARBEIT ,implemented by GIZ DEUTSHE GESELLSCHAFT in collaboration with Arbitralral Women organization recognized the careers of women in the world who earned this criteria by excelling and rising to institutions of high standing or handling significant disputes under 45 years of age in the field of Arbitration.

Amongst these women is Mary Concilia Anchang features as the very first AFRICAN WOMAN APPOINTED at The International Court of Arbitration of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Paris since the courts creation in 1923. She represented Cameroon in this position for a 4 year mandate running from 2006-2010. She earned pioneer status in this position. She is also recognized as the pioneer African attorney accredited to practice Intellectual Property Law ( IP) within the 17 member states of The African Organization of Intellectual property (OAPI) appointed in 1994. She had in early 1994 challenged the Bangui laws prohibiting the practice of Intellectual Property law by African local lawyers within the OAPI jurisdiction and successfully reversed the rules in favor of resident lawyers and became the first to benefit from the newly revised laws as agents to the organization.

She is also recognized for being the first female to create “The African Chamber of Trade and Commerce “(ACC) in November 2015.

This book collates individual stories that advocates that, anecdotes may actually hold a lot more truth than would appear at first sight and show that it is, therefore important for those observing to look more closely to the full picture.

In the process of selection and publication; GIZ has cooperated with Arbitral Women. GIZ is best placed to act as a witness regarding stereotypes to comment on the typical challenge faced by female arbitrators and whose members guarantee worldwide coverage. Many of those whose stories are told are experienced practitioners, but you have some still beginning their career.

The book is a tribute to those who were pioneers and also those who more recently have embarked on the difficult path of highly competitive and coveted arbitration activities.

The choice of the author to let each participant speak for herself highlights personal characteristics outside the law which is a welcome element in a world that pays attention to what is now known as soft skills. The book demonstrates the power of images, so fundamental in today’s world.

In celebrating the recognition and success story of one of Cameroon’s finest lawyers the attributes goes to enforce the enforce multiple efforts made by the government through the Ministry of Family and women’s empowerment to reduce the professional gender divide between women and men through career options and professional skills in work force and the work place.

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