ACC membership is open to all moral and physical persons exercising business activities provided they have co-opted. ACC’s wide variety of members creates a suitable environment for experience sharing and development in the African context.The association believes that it is only together that we will be able to materialise the emergence of the African continent through African initiatives and Ideas. Its membership is characterised by an all-inclusive spirit which takes into consideration members from diverse origins and domains regardless of their ethnic, ideological or academic differences.


Becoming an ACC is not a formality but a unique opportunity!

ACC provides its members with a suitable platform for maturing and mentoring.


Why become a member?

As a Chamber, ACC offers its members a wide scope of advantages to help themto be more productivity in their various fields. With its diverse commissions and members, the organisation provides its members with a rich network of investors from Africa and the diaspora. These circumstancesput in place a suitable atmosphere for the discovery or the creation of several business opportunities.

By joining ACC, you don’t only contribute to the growth of your company or organisation, but you equally play an important role in facilitating the emergence of the African continent as whole.

What types of members are there?

ACC Honorary Members / Membres honoraires de l'ACC

Non-paying members such as private institutions who participate in sponsoring ACC projects and events in an outstanding way. They can also be sponsors of other start-ups during our events who are struggling to bring their projects and develop their art. Les membres non payants tels que les institutions privées qui participent au parrainage de projets et d'événements ACC de manière exceptionnelle. Ils peuvent également être sponsors d'autres start-up lors de nos événements qui peinent à porter leurs projets et à développer leur art.

Patrons / Mécènes

ACC Patrons are also non-paying members who participate and support ACC projects in an outstanding capacity. They participate in facilitating ACC projects to grow new talent. Such examples are Government entities or Agencies as well as Multilateral organizations. Les mécènes de l'ACC sont également des membres non payants qui participent et soutiennent les projets de l'ACC à titre exceptionnel. Ils participent à la facilitation de projets ACC pour développer de nouveaux talents. De tels exemples sont les entités ou agences gouvernementales ainsi que les organisations multilatérales.

VIP Members

Private institutions / Institutions privées

They are the regular private institutions who benefit from discounts in all ACC events and associated projects but do not participate in sponsorships of the ACC events. They can participate as panelists and showcase their craft with discounted prices at the events. Annual Membership fee for the above category is $1000.00 Ce sont les institutions privées régulières qui bénéficient de réductions dans tous les événements de l'ACC et les projets associés, mais ne participent pas aux parrainages des événements de l'ACC. Ils peuvent participer en tant que panélistes et présenter leur métier à des prix réduits lors des événements.
Les frais d'adhésion annuels pour la catégorie ci-dessus sont de 1000,00 $

Individuals / Personnes

The next category is the Individuals who also benefit from all the ACC even discounts and can participate and showcase their craft as panelists and exhibitors. The fee for this category is $500.00 La catégorie suivante est celle des particuliers qui bénéficient également de tous les rabais ACC même et peuvent participer et présenter leur métier en tant que panélistes et exposants.
Les frais pour cette catégorie sont de 500,00 $

Artists / Artistes

The last category for the paying membership is the Artists: The Artists are the young designers, inventors, start-ups who are benefactors of the projects of ACC as well as sponsorships. They also benefit from event discounts at ACC events. The fee for this last category is $150.00 La dernière catégorie pour l'adhésion payante est les Artistes:
Les Artistes sont les jeunes créateurs, inventeurs, start-up qui sont bienfaiteurs des projets d'ACC ainsi que des mécénats. Ils bénéficient également de réductions sur les événements lors des événements de l'ACC.
Les frais pour cette dernière catégorie sont de 150,00 $

Regular Members


Be a moral and

physical person

Payment of

annual dues

Payment of annual dues according the associations rules and regulations


Payment and participation

Payment and participation in at events organised by the chamber for the progress of ideals set and promoted by the organisation singly or in partnership with others.


What are the conditions to join the ACC?