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ACC's Economic Day

The African Economic day is an all-inclusive annual initiative organised by the ACCwhich has as goal to enable Cameroonian businesses and their stake holding partners from all regions involved in food, crop, animal farming and related businesses to gather at a common venue. The idea is, to encourage local businesses to work together and appreciate doing business together for a collective profit in a true spirit of “vivre ensemble.”

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The ACC economic day also offers a platform to address issues in agricultural sustainable development.

This unique and innovative platform aims at facilitating contact between major and junior entrepreneurs for enhanced visibility of their activities and possible lucrative partnership.

The ACC Economic day equally encourages the transformation of African extracted resources to provide added economic value through stable and competitive manufacturing industries thereby encouraging, creating and increasing job opportunities for the fast-growing African youth population. By attaining the above goals, the organisationintends to limit the premature exodus and migration of these youths for greener pastures, a major cause of the current world wide refugee crisis.



ACC International Manufacturing and Transformation Forum

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ACC’s International Africa Manufacturing & Transformation Forum is an ACC’s initiative o meet up with the need for the emergence and economic growth of Small and Medium Enterprises in Africa, in the Gulf of Guinea sub-region and Cameroon in particular. The exchange days creates a suitable atmosphere for interactions, networking, exhibitions, meetings and reflections that brings together government decision-makers, SMEs, companies, entrepreneurs, individuals, executives, participants and exhibitors of the cotton textile industry in Cameroon and Africa.

FICOTA also facilitates discussions on enormous challenges that exist in the clothing industry through the transformation of African cotton into, fabrics, textiles and through innovative fashion designs with competitive initiatives to facilitate the emergence of African markets through solutions adapted to the African culture and reality. These actions are expected to increase the industrialization efforts of entrepreneurs and start-ups in order to ensure better production and competitiveness in Africa and elsewhere so as to conquer new markets.

The Forum also stands as an opportunity to highlight and make more visible the textile economic sector through improvement and innovation at the heart of the challenges of the African economy and in the CEMAC zone with recognised institutional partners and businesses. ACC’s believes the production and processing of local products and resources will foster the stable and sustainable economic growth of African states.


ACC KBF Week Partnership

The Kribi Beach Fashion Week festival is an ACC initiative held on the side lines of the FICOTA (International Africa Manufacturing & Transformation Forum). It has as goal to show case the know-how of actors and entrepreneurs in the cotton,textile, fabrics and accessory or value Chain Industry through art, design, music, fashion parades and other entertainment activities including touristic site seeing ventures in exotic parks and forests. Not to forget swimming games in the attractive beach city of Kribi.

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Through the use of Industrial designs and models, ACC offers this platform to exhibitors (in various sectors like, farm & animal agriculture, brewery, cooking, fishing, tailoring, spinning, dyeing, weaving, printing, telecommunication, IT, IP, show making, hairdressing esthetics etc.) from around the world as a window to show case theirproducts, services and brands, seek investment and partners,and acquire newskills and technology. Italso offersnetworking in the fashion industry forproducers and transformers of goods and services using local resources and labour in the quest to conquer new and competitivemarkets.

Though a mobile concept, KBFweek often takes place in Kribi (Cameroon), one of Africa`s most lucrative touristic and attractive deep sea port cities in Central Africa’s Gulf of Guinea.

ACC Awards

Recognition is the key to a successful progress in any society that looks to encourage growth in all spheres of life and to set new norms and standards.

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At ACC, we grant awards to deserving candidates to distinguish their works and significant efforts towards the development of their various fields and the emergence the African economy. Our association looks to building a strong and reliable working force in Africa to guarantee the welfare and prosperity of institutions, businesses and people.

This event also enables ACC to set standards that will motivate laureates and aspiring entrepreneurs towards excellence, there by indirectly influencing the quality of African goods and services. 

Working on Stairs

ACC does not only promote enterprises but also helps develop them. It is no more a secret that most African enterprises shut down few years after their creation, a situation that can be attributed to a lack of adequate mentoring and preparation.

Working on Stairs

ACC Incubator

In view of this situation, ACC has introduced ACC Incubator, a platform suitable for the growth of young African startups. This space offers the young entrepreneur with a wide variety of experienced entrepreneurs from Africa and the Diaspora to provide mentoring assistance. ACC also puts in place or organizes several trainings and forums for knowledge sharing and skill acquisition for incubated enterprises.

The platform also grants a platform to assist its beneficiaries through the development of business plans, provision of funding opportunities and promotion through networking with ACC member enterprises and partners.